"I just wanted to take time to tell you "thank you" for all your help with my financial planning the past two years. I started to read a magazine that had come in the mail a week or two ago.I had set it aside because I didn't have time to even open it the day it arrived but the cover made it interesting enough to save. It is called 'Creative Living' and when I opened the cover I saw it was compliments of none other than Mark Schuchardt. It made me think of the books, advise, and recommendations you have given me. Not to mention the increadible amount of time you have put into getting my financial matters in order. All the while, I have found a golf buddy and built a friendship with you and consider you to be one of my best friends. So thank you again for all you have done to protect my financial future and to be my friend.”

Joe Eickmeyer

Physician, Northwestern Mutual Client


 I needed to tell you guys how much I appreciate the care that you have shown me and my family these past few years. I had looked for a team like you for ten years and now I know that you are the real deal. Thank you all!


Michael Kennedy, RA

Chairman and CEO, Northwestern Mutual Client 




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Mark D Schuchardt, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®, CFP®
Wealth Management Advisor

Quantum Wealth Management


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